Member of the American Kennel Club

The Del Monte Kennel Club was founded to promote the sport of purebred dogs and encourage responsible dog ownership. In addition to our obedience and handling classes, the Club sponsors two All-Breed Conformation Dog Shows, three Obedience Trials, three Rally Trials and three Agility Trials each year. Purebred dogs from California and the U.S. participate in these shows.

Del Monte Kennel Club's first AKC Sanctioned Show was held in 1924.

Club telephone 831.333.9032 (message capability)



Obedience Class

The Del Monte Kennel Club praises these human-and-dog teams who graduated at the top of the June 2017 Novice Obedience Class.  Left to right:   4. Brigitte Fuerstner and Mattie,  3. Ron Hanik and Chase,

  2. Susan Jones and Jazzy,  1. Victoria Miller and Beau.  Well done!!