Membership Coordinator

To support the current membership renewal process: Work with the DMKC Treasurer to establish a calendar of dates for the annual membership renewal process that could have up to three communication touch points based upon need. The dates would be shared as part of the initial notice so that the membership will have a working timeline in advance.

Date for Initial Notice: (first week in November) Send annual membership renewal notice.

Date for Reminder Notice:(first week in December) to remind any members that dues have not been received by the DMKC Treasurer.

Personal follow up: (Designate a date late January) if dues have not been received by the DMKC Treasurer.

All notices and will communicate that membership dues not paid by March 1st will be considered delinquent.

Prepare membership roster as of March 2nd for the given year and provide copies to the DMKC Treasurer and Secretary. Update the membership roster on an ongoing basis to reflect newly admitted members.

To support the new member application process: